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    Routier Motorsports aims to set an example in the automotive industry. Therefore, a series of guidelines must be adhered to. These guidelines were established to represent Routier Motorsports and the vehicles under the Routier VIP program, in the most responsible and professional image. Guidelines are as follows:
    • Routier Motorsports decal must be on the vehicle’s windshield at all times, intact and in good condition.
    • Vehicles need to be rust-free.
    • If vehicle is modified it must not offend or discriminate any other vehicle or people.
    • Modifications done on member's vehicle must be done properly using proper parts. All aftermarket performance or visual parts must be in full intended working and aesthetic condition at all times
    • Vehicles need to be clean and cared for appropriately.
    • Inappropriate use of the vehicle will not be tolerated and will be subject to reconsideration of membership.