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    Window Tint 

    Window tinting is a great way to fight heat in the summer and to keep your vehicle cool. The sun can easily heat up a vehicle and make it unbearably hot on the inside. The addition of window tint enables the possibility to block a percentage of heat and keep your vehicle cool on the inside. We offer a variety of darkness levels. No matter the make and model of your vehicle, Routier MotorSports will help you stay cool during hot days.


    Window tint, per door
    Starting from $79.95
    2017 TOP PICK!
    Window tint, complete vehicle
    Front doors, rear doors, and rear windows
    • Two door car: $239.95
    • Four door car: $274.95
    • SUV and truck: 299.95
    Window tint, sports bar front windshield
    All vehicles: $79.95
    • Sport tint bar on top of the front windshield
    Window tint, headlights and taillights
    Starting at $149.95
    • A custom installed light tint on either the front headlights or/and taillights. Price includes the pair.


    *** Duration of packages or jobs may vary due to peak seasons or unexpected circumstances. Routier Motorsports appreciates your understanding and patience! All prices are tax included, what you see is what you pay! Installation of any parts, accessories, or custom made items may be extra at a 84.99$/hour. Nespresso and Lindt chocolate is only complimentary with purchases or for Routier Elite members. Nespresso Coffee and Lindt chocolate are available without purchase at a price indicated in stores. If customer is in need of a shuttle service, shuttle is free for the first 10km radius from Routier Motorsports’ appointment location. Any additional KM is needed, a 4.95$/km fee will be charged. If vehicle is not cleared of personal belongings and garbage, a $84.99 fee will be charged. If customer declines the feel, Routier Motorsports has the right to request the customer to clear before commencing the work.  If extra cleaning is required due to animal hair, dirt, spillage, or any other reasons for extended time, an hourly fee of $84.99 will be charged. If additional time is declined by customer, Routier Motorsports will only spend as much time as the contract indicates. All purchases both online and offline are not refundable, exchangeable, transferable, or returnable. Rescheduling is free for a limited of three times, which after Routier Motorsports is allowed to decline rescheduling. All special orders will require payment first. If order is cancelled, a 30%  non refundable restocking fee will apply. All purchases are final sales, no exchanges or returns except if wrong part supplied or under warranty. For more information please contact Routier Motorsports***


    The use of aftermarket window tint may not be legal in your your state or province and it is up to you to check with the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) or Ministry of Transport (M.O.T.) prior to installing window tint in a vehicle that is not originally equipped with them. Window tint that are supplied with the vehicles from the factory are D.O.T./M.O.T. approved. Aftermarket window tints are available from any source are not D.O.T./M.O.T. approved. Therefore, all window tints sold on this site are designated for “off-road use only”.